Subjective Economic Theory “GENERAL”

SSET 30 – Subjective Economic Theory “GENERAL” [1]

From definition we have proposed of economic sciencestudy of value[2] we have been developing partial economic theories that allow us, in our humble understanding, to shape a “General” Subjective and Solidarity Economic Theory. Concept with which we only intend to refer to the deductive logic that allows us to correlate the fundamental economic variables that make to economic coexistence in society, all based on the theory of subjective value[3]

The work will consist of making correlations between economic entities, which will end up chaining in the “General” Natural Economic Correlation.

[1] Very possibly SSET 30 and 31 (in preparation), are the works prior to our task of making a new book, precisely summarizing all that we have advanced from Theory of Economic Relativity (TER), culminating in Subjective and Solidarity Economic theory (SSET).

[2] We can see it in SSET 01 – Definition of Economic Science.

[3] As J. S. Mill expressed, and S. Jevons accepted:  it is not feasible to construct economic theory (“general”) from a failed theory of the value. To us, staying true to the theory of subjective value has allowed us to get here.

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